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*  EnoKawa means "River of Pictures" in Japanese


EnoKawa Productions, founded in 2021 by Stéphane Pasquier-Miyazaki and André de Semlyen, is a Paris-based production company specializing in Pop Culture Documentaries, Animation, and Animated Documentaries.


A dual editorial approach with a strong emphasis on graphic elements.

First, documentaries and animations connected to 'mainstream' and 'geek' graphic culture (US & Eurocomics, manga, animation, gaming), exploring their influence on other arts and media (TV, movies, literature) and their impact on society and daily life through interviews, archival footage, animated sequences, and live-action shots. Then, documentaries emerging from the collaboration between researchers or journalists and graphic artists or animators, whether focused on original creations or book/comics adaptations, reveal the latest developments on a topic through the unique perspective of an individual author, utilizing all necessary technical and storytelling techniques for each production, from animated reenactments and computer graphics to archival footage and live action, and ranging from didactic approaches to docudramas.

Gargouille de Notre-Dame



Former Head of Content at WarnerMedia French speaking Europe, Stéphane as lead the implementation of the following brands across his 20 years at Turner Broadcasting in France. Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Toonami, Adult Swim,...  


Stéphane has always been a huge fan of Comics, Animation and History (he owns a Master degree in History). His double decade handling programming of numerus channels has lead the path to his logical next step: tell stories in a unique pop-culture vertical, embracing all his passions. 

With EnoKawa Productions, he aims to fulfill an uncovered part of the documentary and animation spectrum with an innovative production touch mixing animation, live action, pop culture and research.



128 rue de la Boétie 75008 Paris, France

+33 6 60 61 66 07

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